1. Miss Peggy Lee has some Blues In The Night - 1957

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  2. voyagehour:

    i’ve been feeling rly sluggish and a little down, so just to motivate myself and remind myself 

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  3. markruffalo:

    I walk the walk because I believe 100% clean energy is possible for 100% of people. And you?

    Join me this Sunday for the People’s Climate March in NYC. See you there!

    Have a great walk, Mark! Wish I could be there!

  4. So very true!

    Find this print here!

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  5. markruffalo:

    Today is the big day! I’m going to be participating in 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons For Hope and YOU can join in! You can watch the broadcast starting at 12 PM EDT today and you can even tweet your questions to @ClimateReality and we’ll answer some on the air. GREAT stuff happening. I can’t wait to hear your questions!

    Click here to tune in: http://24hoursofreality.org/event/teaser/

  6. text-mode:

    3D printed glasses #1: a cross-stitch eyewear creation (2012), via Rob Moss.

  7. You don’t have to do it all by yourself…

    by Peggy Watts at ArtFromBeing

  8. Queen Anne’s lace by Cindy Taylor @ cottagelightstudio — Etsy.

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  9. comtesse-du-chocolat:

    Cool lemonade…

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